Reading Exercise
My Kind of Job: Discussion about types of jobs/work among friends looking for their first job, and what would suit whom.
I'm getting married:Discussing mental preparation, plans, shopping - what you have done, what you haven’t done, what you need to do.
Remember those days?: Conversation about the period before the multimedia explosion. Advantages/disadvantages of so much exposure.
I need help: Conversation with the psychiatrist.
Food for thought or thought for food?: Conversation about types of foods, personal choices, fad diets.
Where are your manners?: Conversation about dining etiquette
The Internet revolution: Discussion about various advantages and disadvantages of the internet. The need to monitor usage by kids.
Urbanisation – good or bad: Discussion on positive and negative effects of urbanisation.
White Lies?: What is a white lie? What’s your lie-meter say?
Ten years from now: Discussion among friends about where they think they will be in life, and how life in general will have changed.
There’s an addition to the family: Welcoming a baby to the family.
Learning from our mistakes: Discussing mistakes of the past and lessons learnt.
Accidents: Discussion about why so many accidents happen on Indian roads.
Crime and Punishment: Discussion on crimes in India.
Observing Others: Talking about others’ character traits. Observing others and analyzing self.
British or American English: Information exchange about British and American English.
How green is your office: Discussion on our planet.
Moral Dilemma: Making difficult choices and explaining reasons for those choices.
Preparing for a Job Interview: Discussion on interview preparations with some tips.
Hobbies and Interests: Discussion on hobbies and interests, chat about how parents ‘made’ them or ‘let’ them do things.
Any regrets: Talking about what you regret – what you should have done differently.
How stressed are you?: Discussion on job-related stress, and how to relieve it.
Air Travel: Conversation about air travel experience.
That’s my place: Describing layout of house and insides.
Our films: Discussion on why our films are larger-than-life.
Celebrations: How the way we celebrate has changed.
On holiday!: Different holiday plans being discussed.
Why people don't vote: Talk on the problem of falling voter-turnout.