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‘Gut feeling’ what does this idiom mean?Answered On :2014-02-05 , Asked By : manumohan

The term ‘gut feeling’ means to have a strong intuition or an instinctive feeling about something. The exact time of its origin is not know though this term is believed to have come into existence thousands of years ago as it has also been used in a Biblical text. It probably originated from the fact that all the feelings and emotions are believed to have generated and felt inside the heart or gut (stomach) region of the human body. We often feel a lurching feeling inside the stomach when we face an adverse situation. In the same manner, feeling excited is often described as ‘having butterflies in the stomach’. For example:

He’s not picking up the call. I have a gut feeling that he must have gone to the United States for the Boxing Day sales.

When in doubt, go with your gut feeling.

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