Qualities of Good English teacher

Teachers are assigned the status of God in our scriptures. According to the great Saint Kabir, a teacher is greater than God because he guides us to the eternal God. His guidance is always of an utmost importance in a student’s life. Every field in life asks for guidance from a seasoned teacher, and English counts in the same category. Being the current global flavor this calls for a good teacher who can waft his student through the rough tides and finally get him settled on a safe coast.

Teachers are a key element in learning English. Their influence plays a fundamental role in a students’ progress, or a lack thereof. To make their students leap great heights and excel in their subjects, students must adhere to certain credentials.

Crucial factors like classroom atmosphere, student- teacher relationship, tolerance, patience, passion and other aspects, should be taken diligently. For English teachers, being good at the language is not the only yardstick to measure their efficiency, they should possess phenomenal teaching techniques as well. These techniques include specific teaching behavior and the handling of students’ diverse temperaments. Adding to this, it is important to maintain an appreciable rapport between the two stakeholders, that is, the teacher and the student.

A positive attitude in a teacher makes all the difference. Such attitude helps the students in excelling in life and gathering some of the zest from their instructor.

Designing an effective plan is also a key to success. Keeping in mind the students’ requirements and expectations from a particular course, its particulars’ should be designed. Whether a student needs attention in vocabulary, grammar or tenses, a good teacher is the one who can crack the hardest nut, and help her students overcome any difficulty he/she is facing.

Since different students learn in different ways, it’s important for an English teacher to employ a judicious mix of his teaching techniques to extract the best out of his students. For example, if a teacher wants his class the learn articles, it is important to use methods to suit students who need an explanation, and students who need some practice. It is important to create a right balance. It’s like juggling different techniques in the right way.

English teachers should learn to be flexible. This is because, teaching a foreign language is a dynamic exercise. Teachers should also adapt themselves to the constant changes the language is going through, and thus incorporate newer techniques in their teaching style.

Classroom management is an important thing to be taken care of by the English teachers. Time management and ensuring discipline in the class is one of his various duties. It should be ensured that every single student is bestowed with the equal amount of attention.

The atmosphere should be lively and should be animated. There should be creative discussions, enhanced with intellectually stimulating discussions. Students should be praised when they perform well and be motivated when they are not doing too well in studies. Students who are well above their standards should be encouraged from time to time to take on new challenges, thus to maintain their interest in he language.

The complexity of English as a second language needs a qualified teacher and an appropriate classroom environment. Overall it can be said a good teacher is at the root of the success of a student.