Learn English through Gujarati

Gujarati (or Gujrati) is the language spoken by people native to Gujarat, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli in India. It is also spoken by millions of Gujarati people all over the world. It is estimated that more than 65 million people speak Gujarati.

On the internet, there are only a few resources which help people learn English through Gujarati. Most of them only translate Gujarati to English and focus on cramming phrases (short sentences) without explaining the underlying grammar concepts.

Translating Gujarati sentences into English is not the correct way to learn English. Learners make many mistakes while doing so. Consider the following examples:

તમે કેમ છો? You how are?
હું બજાર જાઉ છુ I market going.
તમે શુ કરો છો? You what doing?

You will notice that memorizing the meanings of the words and literally translating them to English creates illogical and incorrect sentences. In fact, even memorizing English words from a dictionary will not help you to speak correctly and confidently.

We, at EnglishLeap, have developed courses which are focused to enable native Gujarati speakers speak English confidently in a short period of time. The course ‘Learn English through Gujarati’ will not only explain the grammar concepts and sentence construction rules but will make you an expert in speaking and writing English as well.

The course is based on everyday situations and simple explanations in Gujarati are provided. This course help you improve your English language skills and will certainly make you a fluent English user by the end of the course.

To learn English through Gujarati, join our ‘Learn English through Gujarati course’ and make use of the lessons, exercises and assessments made specifically for your requirements.