Learn English through Bengali

Bengali or Bangla is the native language of the eastern South Asian region knows as Bengal, which includes present day Bangladesh, the Indian state of West Bengal and some parts of the Indian states of Tripura and Assam. It is an eastern Indo-Aryan language which is ranked sixth among the most spoken languages in the world with over 250 million total speakers.

Learning English through Bengali is a novel idea which can be of great help to the native Bengali speakers as they would find it easier and feasible to learn a foreign language like English through their mother tongue, i.e., Bengali. But learning a language through a different language is often considered dicey as every language has its own grammatical patterns and sentence construction techniques that are either lost or are flawed in the process of translation. Word-to-word translation of the Bengali sentences into English would often lead to incorrect or awkward sentences. Consider the following example:

তুমি কেমন আছো? You how are?
আমি বাগানে খেলছি. I garden playing.
আমি কি করবো? I what do?

Can you see how literal translations can lead to incorrect and nonsensical sentences that convey no meaning? A holistic understanding and the grasp of the grammar is required to avoid this situation. At Englishleap, we develop courses keeping the above rationale in mind. Our course ‘Learn English through Bengali’ will not only explain the grammatical concepts and sentence constructions but will make you adept in speaking and writing in English as well – all of this in your own native language, i.e., Bengali. Easy topics used in regular conversations coupled with simple explanations in your native language will surely give you the much required initial impetus to start up with the English language and will certainly make you a confident English user by the end of the course.

To learn English through Bengali, just enrol in our ‘Learn English through Bengali course’ and make use of the lessons, tests and exercises designed exclusively for your special needs.