Idioms on Food

Apple of his/her eye : This phrase is used to refer to something or someone we like a lot.

      He was the apple of his teacher’s eye.

As cool as a cucumber : Used to refer to someone who is very cool headed and doesn’t get worried.

      Dhoni is a great captain because he always remains as cool as a cucumber.

Egg on : To encourage someone

      Every time I faltered, he egged me on.

In a nutshell : In a few words.

      We were told in a nutshell that our project would not be considered.

To spill the beans : To reveal a secret to someone who is not supposed to know.

      The project was top secret but he spilled the beans.

Piece of cake : This phrase is used to refer to a task that is very easy.

      Stealing the key was a piece of cake for him.

Take with a pinch of salt : This phrase is used when one believes only a small part of what one is being told.

      He spoke highly about his company and its success but I took it with a pinch of salt, because he was a bit of a liar.

Not my cup of tea : This phrase is used to indicate something you either don’t like much or can’t do.

      I didn’t enjoy the movie. I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

To sell like hotcakes : This phrase is used to refer to an object or commodity that is very successful and selling extremely well.

      The new book by J.K Rowling sold like hotcakes.

To go nuts : This phrase is used to refer to someone who is very excited about something.

      She’s going nuts because she got a scholarship.