English Words

Here is a list of commonly used words in the English language.

Do you know the meaning of these words? Can you identify the nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs in this list?

Abundant Explain Offend
Accept Extremely Offer
Accidentally Eye Officially
Accurate Fabulous Often
Achieve Fair Oil
Actor Fairly Old
Add Faithful Open
Addicted Faithfully Openly
Admire Family Orange
Admit Famous Overconfident
Adopt Fancy Oxygen
Adorable Fantastic Oyster
Adventurous Fast Painfully
Advertisement Fast Paint
Advise Fear Painting
Afraid Fearful Parrot
Afternoon Fearless Patiently
Aggressive Feel Pay
Agree Fertile Peaceful
Airport Fight Pencil
Alcoholic Filthy Piano
Alert Find Pick
Allow Finland Pillow
Aloof Fish Pink
Always Flag Pizza
Ambitious Flower Planet
Ambulance Fly Plastic
Ancient Foolish Play
Angrily Foolishly Polite
Angry Football Politely
Animal Forest Poor
Animated Forget Poorly
Announce Forgetful Portugal
Annoying Forgive Positively
Answer Fortunately Potato
Anxious Fountain Powerful
Apple France Pray
Appreciate Frankly Precious
Approve Friendly Pretty
Argue Fry Print
Army Funny Properly
Arrive Furniture Proud
Arrogant Garage Pull
Arrogantly Garden Punch
Ashamed Gas Punish
Ask Gather Purchase
Assist Generally Push
Attack Generously Queen
Attractive Gentle Quick
Auspicious Gently Quickly
Australia Get Quiet
Awesome Ghost Quietly
Awful Girl Quill
Bad Give Quit
Badly Glamorous Race
Bake Glass Rain
Balloon Glorious Rainbow
Banana Glow Raincoat
Bashful Gold Rapid
Bathe Gorgeous Rare
Battery Graceful Rarely
Be Gracefully Read
Beach Grass Really
Beard Grateful Red
Beat Great Refrigerator
Beautiful Greece Regularly
Beautifully Greedy Relax
Become Green Reluctantly
Bed Greet Remarkable
Beg Grow Remember
Behave Guess Repeatedly
Belgium Guitar Reply
Belligerent Hair Responsible
Beneficial Hamburger Restaurant
Best Handsome Retire
Bet Happily Rich
Big Happy River
Bitter Harass Rocket
Bitterly Harsh Romantic
Bizarre Hate Room
Black Healthy Rose
Blindly Hear Royal
Blue Heavy Rub
Boast Helicopter Rude
Boil Helmet Rudely
Boldly Help Russia
Boring Helpful Sadly
Borrow Highly Safely
Boy Hilarious Sandwich
Brainy Historical School
Branch Hit Scintillating
Bravely Holiday Scooter
Breakfast Honestly Secretive
Breathe Honey See
Briefly Hope Seldom
Bright Hopelessly Select
Bring Horrible Selfish
Broad Horse Selfishly
Broken Hospital Sell
Brother Hot Send
Build House Serious
Burn Huge Seriously
Bury Humorous Shampoo
Busily Hungry Sharp
Busy Hydrogen Shiny
Buy Ice Shocking
Call Identify Shoe
Calm Ignorant Short
Camera Illegal Shy
Candle Imaginary Silently
Capable Immediately Silly
Car Impolite Sincere
Caravan Important Sing
Careful Impossible Skinny
Carefully Innocent Slim
Careless Innocently Slow
Caring Insect Slowly
Carpet Instantly Small
Cartoon Insurance Snore
Catch Intelligent Soccer
Cautious Interesting Soft
Certainly Interestingly Softly
Challenge Interrupt Sometimes
Change Introduce Soon
Charming Iron Spicy
Cheap Irritate Spiritual
Cheat Island Splendid
Cheerful Jackal Spoon
Chew Jealous Stand
China Jealously Stare
Choose Jelly Start
Chubby Jewellery Stink
Church Jolly Stone
Clap Jordan Strictly
Clean Joyfully Strong
Clean Juice Study
Clearly Juicy Successful
Clever Jump Suddenly
Clumsy Juvenile Sugar
Cold Kangaroo Surprisingly
Collect Keep Sweden
Colorful Kick Sweep
Comfortable Kind Sweet
Compare Kindly Sweetly
Complain King Swim
Concerned Kiss Take
Confess Kitchen Talented
Confuse Kite Talk
Confused Knife Tall
Construct Lamp Tasty
Control Large Teach
Copy Laugh Teacher
Count Lawyer Tear
Courageously Lazily Telephone
Crayon Learn Television
Create Leather Tell
Crowd Leave Tense
Crowded Legal Tent
Cruel Lend Terrible
Cruelly Less Terribly
Cry Library Terrific
Curious Lie Thailand
Curiously Light Thank
Curly Lighter Thankfully
Cute Like Thick
Daily Lion Thin
Damage Listen Thoughtfully
Damaged Literate Tiny
Dance Little Tomato
Dangerous Lively Tomorrow
Dark Lizard Toothbrush
Daughter Lock Traffic
Death London Train
Deep Lonely Travel
Defective Lose Truck
Delicate Loud Type
Delicious Loudly Uganda
Delightfully Love Ugly
Deliver Lovely Umbrella
Denmark Lovingly Understand
Depressed Loyally Unexpectedly
Destroy Lucky Unfortunately
Determined Lunch Unique
Diamond Machine Untidy
Different Macho Upset
Dinner Madly Urgently
Dirty Magazine Use
Disagree Magical Usually
Disease Magician Valiantly
Disgusting Magnificent Van
Doctor Make Vase
Dog Manchester Vegetable
Drag Market Very
Dream Marry Victorious
Dress Massive Violent
Drive Match Violently
Drop Mature Visit
Dry Mean Vulgar
Dusty Measure Vulture
Early Meet Wait
Earn Messy Walk
Easily Microphone Wall
Easter Modern Want
Eat Monkey Warm
Educated More Warn
Efficient Morning Weak
Egg Motorcycle Wealthy
Eggplant Move Wed
Egypt Murder Weep
Elderly Mysteriously Well
Elegant Nail Whale
Elephant Napkin Wide
Embarrassed Narrow Window
Employ Nasty Wink
Empty Naturally Wire
Encourage Naughty Wise
Encouraging Nearly Wisely
Energy Needle Witty
Engine Nervous Wonderful
England Nervously Worried
Enjoy Nest Worry
Enthusiastic Never Write
Enthusiastically New Xylophone
Establish Nigeria Yacht
Estimate Night Yak
Evening Noisy Yearly
Eventually Notebook Yell
Exactly Nutritious Yesterday
Excellent Obedient Young
Excitedly Obediently Youthful
Exciting Obese Zealous
Exercise Obey Zebra
Expand Obnoxious Zoo
Expensive Ocean