From once being a luxury of the educated masses, the English language has now become a necessity for everyone.  As we look around, we see English words appearing in front of us even from places we least expect them. English words and numbers are being absorbed into every local language extensively. Many people who generally don't have the tiniest knowledge of the English language are using English words intermixed with the local dialect today.


This language has become a mainstay of the globalized world, with virtually every country depending on English along with their mother tongues for their daily  activities. Whenever one travels, they see that the English language is the easiest medium, compared to other popular languages,  to communicate with people of different cultures residing all over the world.


As technology is expanding, the demand and the emphasis on the knowledge of the English language is growing as well. Everything from smart phones to computers to the internet use English as the most common language.  These are useful only to those who know their way around the English language. So, to facilitate the optimum utilization of these technologies, the knowledge of English language is absolutely essential.


We, at EnglishLeap, understand your need to learn and be fluent in the English language in today's ever changing world. When you are interested to learn English, it can be for a variety of reasons and we have had people from all walks of life and of all ages coming and making use of our easy self-learning courses for reasons ranging from -


- Parents and grandparents who want to be able to converse with their younger family members in the language to garner respect and closer ties.

- Students who want a bonus point for placements and job interviews by being able to converse in a confident and well informed manner.

- Professionals from various fields are looking to enhance their grammar and speaking skills as a part of their professional growth.

- Businessmen, who find their work expanding with the global market, see English as the vehicle to propel their business to higher growth and gain.

- Or even those who are interested in simply improving their basic knowledge, just for their own sense of achievement at mastering this particular language.

- Even people looking to fit in better with the society and their peers to gain varied cultural experiences available by being able to converse and write correctly and effortlessly in the popular English language.  


Contrary to the opinion, learning or improving English is not particularly a tough task; it just requires a little dose of concentration and effort. The English language is all around us. We simply need to pay some attention to proper grammar and get the correct idea of the language usage and formation to become  proud English speakers.

EnglishLeap intends to help you along the journey with our various outstanding resources and tools, ensuring that you see a noticeable improvement in your grasp of the English language.. To get an idea of the kind of lesson plans and tutorials we offer, make use of our free registration for trial lessons or have a look at the Resources section to see the basic foundations of the English language.